occipitofrontalis/epicranius sternohyoid
frontal belly/occipital belly sternothyroid
temporoparietalis digastric/ant. & post
eye Rectus muscles/ sup., inf., med & lateral
corrugator supercilii Muscles of Deep Ban & Abdominals
orbicularis oculi Erector spinae group
levator palpebrae superioris spinalis/medial
Mouth Longissimus/middle
Orbicularis oris iliocostalis/lateral
Buccinator quadratus lumborum
Risorius scalens/ant., Middle & Posterior
Zygomaticus major diaphragm
levator labii superioris ext. intercostals
depressor labii inferioris internal intercostal
depressor anguli oris transversus abdomis
mentalis int. oblique
Nose ext. oblique
procerus rectus abdominis
Nasalis linea alba, tendinous intersections
Neck rectus sheath
Platysma Muscles of shoulder_inserting on scapula & clavicle
Muscles of Mastication pectoralis minor
later/external pterygoig levator scapulae
medial/internal pterygoid rhomboid major
masseter rhomboid minor
temporalis serratus anterior
Muscles of Swallowing and Tongue trapezius
pharyngeal constrictors (all three) subclavius
glossus group Muscles of Shoulder & Arm-inserting on humerus
Muscles of Head and Neck coracobrachialis
Capitis group deltoid
longissimus infraspinatus
semispinalis supraspinatus
Longus subscapularis
Splenius teres minor
Sternocleidomastoid teres major
Omohyoid/sup. & Inf. latissimus dorsi
pectoralis major
The table on the left contains all of the muscles that you are responsible for.  You need to learn the names, locations, origins, insertions and actions as well as antagonists and agonists.

Cadaver videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3G3JwZAZLk


This page has all of the links for the dissections:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cadaver+muscle+dissection

Muscles of  the head and face


Muscles of the Neck

Muscles of Swallowing

Muscles of the Back

Muscles of the Abdomen


Muscles of the Upper Extremity


Muscles of the Lower Extremity


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