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Blood: 24 minutes.  worksheet   Practice Labeling Quiz   Lab Review

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Blood Types:

ABO Blood Groups

      The ABO blood groups consists of:

    Two antigens (A and B) on the surface of the RBCs

    Two antibodies in the plasma (anti-A and anti-B)

      An individual with ABO blood may have various types of antigens and spontaneously preformed antibodies

      Agglutinogens and their corresponding antibodies cannot be mixed without serious hemolytic reactions

Rh Blood Groups

      There are eight different Rh agglutinogens, three of which (C, D, and E) are common

      Presence of the Rh agglutinogens on RBCs is indicated as Rh+

      Anti-Rh antibodies are not spontaneously formed in Rh individuals

      However, if an Rh individual receives Rh+ blood, anti-Rh antibodies form

      A second expose to Rh+ blood will result in a typical transfusion reaction