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Course Home Hello Class

My name is Dr. Jacki Houghton and I will be your instructor for Spring 2014

This is Human Biology Sections 1189 and 1200

This class officially begins February 17th.

Weeks begin on Mondays at 12am and end on Sundays at midnight (12pm)

I've set up this page to generally mimic what your eCompanion site looks like.  (only the syllabus, schedule, student pledge and Week 1 links to the left are active links)

Your textbook is Human Biology by Johnson, 7th ed.  Details are in the syllabus.

I would like you to have your book by the beginning of class.  You are responsible for all work due the first week whether or not you have your book.


1. Please go to, sign in as a student and take the Demo Class. (there will be a list of links like student tutorial, demo, ExamGuard or?  You may open any of those links to learn how to use this class)   It is important that you know what to expect when you begin this class as it is fast paced and it is easy to get lost.  You will be given weekly assignments and a due date.  Due dates are NOT changeable.  You must complete assignments on time or you will receive a zero.

2. Please download and print the syllabus and the Schedule on the left as they are the most important documents of this course.  Place them in a 3-ring binder for reference.

3. Please click on the Student Pledge link on the left and read it thoroughly.  Then, email me with a statement acknowledging that you have read and understand the pledge.

4. You will need to gain access to to access your activities and quiz questions.  See details on the syllabus.

5. To take your exams, you need to install special software called ExamGuard.  Here are the instructions.




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