Monday, Feb 18 - Sunday, Feb 23

  This week we will be covering Chapter 1 - Human Biology, Science and Society


For this week only, please complete the following tasks to familiarize yourself with this course (all assignments are due Sunday 9/8 at midnight) For this week only, you will have two weeks to complete these assignments.

  1. Student Introductions - Please click on the link in Week 1 called Student Introductions.  This is a discussion board.  Once there, please tell the class your "real" name, where you were born, where you now live, why you are taking this class and finally, something unique about you. 5 points

  2. Student Pledge - Please open the link in Week 1 called "Student Pledge"  (on the left).  Please read this carefully and follow the instructions.  5 points
  3. Email Task - Please click on the link called "Email Task"  (on the left) and follow the instructions there. 5 points
  4. Install ExamGuard - This is a program which you MUST install on your computer.  NOTE* You will need to install this on ALL computers that you may use to take exams.  This program disables right click, printing or leaving the exam to go to any other program on your computer.  Go to the Install ExamGuard (on the left) link for instructions.
  5. Take "Practice Quiz" - Go to the link on Week 1 Practice Quiz.  Take the quiz using ExamGuard.  This is simply to test if your ExamGuard is working.  The questions are very easy.  5 points
  6. Go to www.masteringbiology.com  Sign up with the code in your book to buy access to this website.  The code for the class is: MBHOUGHTON38206  You will need to sign up with your access card or buy access.  The assignments on that site are graded weekly and have due dates so you must gain access immediately.  There will be  (homework) and quizzes.  Below is a video demonstrating this process.
  7. Complete the Masteringbiology homework assignment.  The grade will reflect in the Mastering gradebook and will be added to your grade in eCompanion weekly.  There are activities and questions. 10 Points
  8. Go to Discussion 1.  Once there, read the instructions very carefully and complete that task.  10 Points
  9. Go to Lesson 1 to learn the contents of this chapter.  There are many resources on this page and you may use whatever you need to gain the understanding sufficient to do well on your exam.

Here's a little video "walk through" of the first week's assignments and links.